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What to Expect when you are buying ERP systems?

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

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ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is nowadays an integral part of manufacturers, retailers, distributors ecosystem. With ERP companies can solve so many problems related to data sharing, data generation and data conservation to plan better and meaningfully work in integration cross departments.

ERP also helps to plan better since the data is in your hand. We are also able to schedule better and on time. We are able to generate the best results once we have the gains and losses on the same page. We will also have good visual of the guard-rail for the project.

So, Resource planning is such a quintessential part of any project in-hand. ERP systems are modernized to automate the business process of calculations, approvals and time and action charts.

ERP systems primarily contains the technology to manage the following systems i.e. Purchasing, Pricing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, Sales and Finance controlling.

The above systems are lifeline of any business whether the business is in Trading, Retailing or Manufacturing.

For ERP systems, the important factors for considering in purchasing a system for Apparel Industry is the availability of following business functions management systems:-

  1. Merchandising Management System

  2. Apparel Business Planning

  3. Supply Chain and Logistics

  4. Customer Relation Management

  5. Financial Accounting

  6. Logistics

  7. Sales Management

  8. Distribution Management

  9. Retail Point of Sales

  10. MIS Query Reporting

Well apart from the above business functions we should consider how the data entities are constructed and connected to each other. The role of ERP is important with this respect. The management of ERP system is important with respect to ease of handling and technical structure of the data models. In the end it will be judged how much information you can get out of it to make decisions.


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