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Have you tried business automation embedded inside an Enterprise Resource Planning Software? We have plenty to inform you about your data! 


As a Stakeholder if you find yourself taking the decisions, which your employee must handle, then please relook your ERP system and your business process! 


Business Process is the foundation of any company success. The world is changing and so we need to keep up with the changes.

Master Data Management

We help to build your Product, Customer, Vendor, Records for reuse, learning and innovation with proper format standards, unified syntax encoding of data by specifying the sequence of length and the type of data elements.

Business Process Redesigning

We help you to Redesign the Business process for Global Optimization and include bit of localization for your organization. This supports least customization and best practices easily within a standard erp solution.

Business Architecture 

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 Planning system on the strong technical architecture will help you to scale and descale the system as per your business needs and customization. Central Data Centers will make the MIS and Query reporting super accessible and will provide you accurate data modeling.

Prime features of an ERP System

One Stop Solution 

One stop solution for all the Business process needs with file and management, interconnected modules, no need to purchase separate modules, catering all the departments and partners. 

Robust MIS and Query Reporting

No More Excel reports or Excel wizards in the company, you can drill down to your reports that will help to get the descriptive data which will fulfill your departmental and managerial data needs.

Stakeholder Success

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Stakeholder success is important for any organization. This is why the ERP is quite important for any organization. Stakeholders which include, the top management, employees, partners, government agencies. It is the time that is importnat and the associated goals. If the ERP is one stop solution , then we can achieve easily the stakeholder success.


Apparel Business Suite 

 Must have features of Integrated Apparel Management Software

  • Sales Enquiry and Costing with the Buyer

  • Order Management

  • Material Requirement Planning

  • Budget vs Actual

  • Time and Action Scheduling

  • Purchase and Inventory 

  • Textiles Process Flow Management

  • Daily Production and Closure

  • Sales and Documentation

  • MIS Query and Reporting

  • Bills Receivables and Payables

  • Financial Accounting

  • Stock bin Locations

  • Dashboard Reporting

  • Mobile Access

  • Floor Management Systems

  • Automation SMS and Emails

  • Factory Locations etc.

Stakeholders can strategize their business to any scale if they can:-

  • Build System Perspective

  • Improves Management Commitment

  • Build Openness for new Experimentation

  • Have Good Knowledge Transfer among the departments.

  • Integrated capability of monitoring to all the relevant department and interfaces. 

Sharath Murgappa, Director, Jeevan Apparels Division

"We had the problem of managing the buyer orders and quotations linked with our merchandizer performance. Solutions provided by Aadarniy has helped to bring effeciency in our Order Management. We have got more time for removing unwanted tasks that delayed our order deliveries." 

Sharath Kamal, Owner, 

I am amazed to find the ERP solution which can integrate with Tally and the financial accounting software is absolutely free with Factory Business Suite!

Bijoy Chauhan, Estilios ,Founder

We started our new brand and ecommerce store in 2018 , But we had large problems in inventory management and managing the venors since our partners are worldwide. We have maintained good systems but needed proper data management for managing our processes. This the best software that completely satifies our needs to go on full ahead in our plans

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Join the Modern Day ERP Software for Factory Management

1. Comprehensive Business Reporting System

With more than 200 reports that are available for your workings for various departments and use cases ,we have plenty to keep you inform of the Data. No need for separate Excel experts or paying development charges for customized reports. All inclusive in one word!

2. Integrated Business ERP System

With More than 8 functions all inside one Box , Financial Accounting, Retail Supply Chain Management and Retail POS, Merchandize Management System, Factory Business Suite, Customer Relationship Management

3. Both SAAS and On Premise Licenses Available

Carefully crafted Server Licenses plan available along user licenses so that you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum cost.

Also available at SAAS software as a service cloud based solutions so that manage multiple touchpoints with a click of a button and can manage multiple approvals.

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